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Welcome to Sheila Scarves!

1970’s — From as far back as I can remember I used to write away for celebrity autographs! Remember Tiger Beat?… They have in the back few pages a section of addresses of Hollywood Studios where you could write to your favorite actor or actress and request they send you an autographed picture. My Mom told me she even used to do this when she was a little girl! Years passed, I grew up, got a few office jobs, married, had a couple kids…you get the picture, life I guess. I never lost my passion for collecting celebrity signatures. As I realized life was passing me by I started to get the urge to do this again. I felt silly, now in my mid 30’s, to write to celebrities for their autographed picture (although to test out if this still worked I did send a note to Mariska Hargitay and she sent me back a signed pic…shhhh!!)!

1980’s — Reading was always important to me. I worked at a library in my younger years. I may not have been the coolest kid in my high school, but I loved that library…adult department, children’s department, circulation desk…this goes back to before computers and we had the old card machine to stamp the due date and put that card in the back pocket of the books, fun times, good memories!!

1990’s/2000’s — Somehow I also finally discovered a hobby, sitting at your kids little league games, well you get it, if you’ve ever had to sit at your kids little league games…it’s a lot of time spent (hours) well…sitting. This is when I learned to crochet thanks to a friend at a job I had where I commuted by train and needed to pass more time, she was able to show me the basic stitches – I could only make so many potholders. Novelty yarns entered the picture and the possibilities became endless!! I started to make scarves, all kinds, my kids’ friends new birthday present from our family became a scarf, holiday presents became scarves, and so on!

2010’s — Now you can see where this is going…I’ve combined my love of reading by meeting authors and celebrities at book signings, sometimes giving them a crocheted scarf and getting their autograph and a picture of them!! This site is for your entertainment. I hope you enjoy reading about some of my celeb meet & greets!! While I wish I could sell the scarves you see pictured, the answer is, I suppose I could and maybe in the future you will see a “store” and some of my scarves will be there for you to buy! (2020’s and beyond are still ahead of me!!)


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  1. This looks like a fun blog site. Looking forward to seeing more celebs and where they’ll be showing up to sign books!

  2. I love your site! I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. And, and look forward to more “back in the day” posts featuring your treasured autographs from the ’70s. The ’70s were awesome!

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